Yoga & Boatlife

One of the reasons we live aboard our boat is to allow us to find time to slow down and experience life. Recently, Connie began to start her mornings with yoga in her life. Here we see Connie, using our dock in the sun for yoga. In the future, maybe she will be able to start her day on a sandy beach somewhere.

Sailing Esperanza Yoga
Connie is starting her day with yoga aboard Sailing Esperanza

what do you get when you add people, boats and ____?

Well its always interesting to sea what happens when you add the following ingredients with your closest friends. Well last summer we rafted up four boats, added a little sunshine, food, music, booze and poof… u end up having a crazy fun time with some of your closest friends. Have a look at Esperanza’s crew from Pender Island last summer.

Sailing Across the Pacific

In 1990, Haydn George and myself spend the year preparing our Pacific 30 to sail across the Pacific Ocean with the goal of reaching the Hawaiian Islands. Pictured below is Haydn and I somewhere in the trade winds sailing south west toward Hawaii.

Sailing Esperanza – Rhodes called the design: “a true sailer in the best seagoing tradition”

Evenings at anchor in British Columbia

One of our favorite summer time anchorages in BC is located at Montague Harbour Marine Park, we specifically, like to anchor on the north side in order to experience the sunsets. The anchorage is great when the NW is blowing, the beach offers an amazing white shell arrive from your dingy.

Stop and experience !

When you get the chance to stop look and listen, its surprising how much natural there is to experience all around you. We love to search and find incredible wildlife along the Westcoast of Canada.

Reaching is beautiful

Reaching on a Rhodes 77 – beautiful. Thank Phillip L Rhodes. This past weekend Connie and I had aboard Brent Jacobi, Nick Brown and Connor Gann for a sail from Caddy Bay out into the strait of Juan de Fuca. Its was a beautiful afternoon with a westerly breeze of about 8 – 12 knots. We hosted the staysail for the first time and had fun seeing her get upto 10.2 knots while reaching back into the bay.

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Esperanza – 76th International Swiftsure Yacht Race – Rounding Mark

Captain Connie ordering boat parts while departing for our next anchorage. ⚓️ @shelbourneoptical @rayban

Connie and I just finished dropping off our official race and radio crew, Dom and George in Victoria Inner harbour. This past weekend it was the 76th annual International Swiftsure Yacht Race and Sailing Esperanza was the official rounding mark for the Clallam Bay race, a 76 nautical mile sailing race west into the strait of Juan de Fuca and back to the Victoria Inner Harbour.
The Gann’s really enjoyed and were proud ? to be apart of swiftsure’s Clallam Bay – Juan de Fuca Race ⚓️ #swiftsure2019 

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Winter of 2019

It’s beautiful but we are looking forward to Spring. That’s one way to insulate your boat ! 

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