Critical Sailing Reading

Reading and Boating
Connie enjoys reading a good book on the water.


The Voyagers Handbook- Beth A. Leonard

Voyaging With Kids– Behan Gifford

World Cruising Routes– Jimmy Cornell

Coral Reef Fishes– Ewald Lieske, Robert Meyers

Sport Fish Of the Pacific– Vic Dunaway

Illustrated Sail and Rig Tuning– Ivan Dedekam

Man Vs. Weather– Dennis Diclaudio

Marine Diesel Engines- Nigel Calder

Boat Owners Mechanical and Electrical Systems- Nigel Calder

The Cruisers Handbook of Fishing– Scott Banneroy, Wendy Banneroy

Modern Marine Weather– David Burch

South Pacific Anchorages– Warwick Clay

Landfalls of Paradise– Earl Hinz, Jim Howard

Advanced First Aid Afloat- Peter Eastman

Storm Tactics– Lin and Larry Pardey

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