The Esperanza Crew


Asia Gann

Asia enjoys the adventures in the dingy and the marine nature.

Marina Gann

My first fish catch with my dad.

Marina was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Growing up in this place that she calls home has allowed her to embrace the power of nature. She grew up spending her time on the ocean living vicariously through her father’s love for boating, and naturally finds peace when in the element of nature. The sounds of waves, the comfort of sun on her skin, and exploring new destinations is a simplified list of what she lives for. Peace, bliss, and happiness is what Marina feels when she finds herself embracing the outdoors. Her love for nature has been even more beautified to her as it has enabled her to find her true passion; photography. Marina passionately believes in living in the moment, and enjoying every moment to the fullest; taking nothing for granted, and making the best of every situation. She found a way to share the happiness she feels with others, and be able to display what she sees as beautiful and the places and people she loves through a form of art- photography. Not only does she love sharing the beauty in her personal life through a photograph, she also has a passion for the act of taking photographs, exploring the usage abilities of cameras, and editing photos. Photography allows Marina to share her internal thoughts and play with her artistic talent. Marina’s appreciation for the world is beyond words; “A photograph is worth a thousand words.”


Cosmo is a passionate sun bathing, lazy cool doggy.
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